> The Company
Climavit specialises in the manufacture and tooling of all types of glass for construction. The company is constantly developing, backed by its long tradition of excellence, service and quality, with over 35 years serving the building industry.
Our success is due to the men and women who work at the firm, but above all to the support of our important customers who have placed their trust in us for many years: they include the country’s leading builders and developers and most important architects firms.

The Material:

As a material, glass is constantly developing.

Its most valued quality is transparency, though highly demanding architectural features, such as solar protection and acoustic insulation are also of vital importance. For that reason it is the key element in the architecture of the future.

Transparency, luminosity, the silver effect, fire, highlights, lights and reflections, chiaroscuros... all these features help give glass - our raw material - its great beauty and infinite possibilities for new developments.

Glass and frame form a complementary and inseparable unit. We create a new solution, more secure and more aesthetically pleasing, and we offer a distinctive product.

Our glazing products are made to meet different climates, growing noise levels and new concepts in safety and design. Our products help people today live and work in a quiet, comfortable and safe environment.

Our technical department will calculate how much energy you can save in your home. We will design double glazing for you and determine its capacity as a heat insulation system, by directly calculating the coefficient of heat transmission.

As a result, we can also estimate the resulting energy saving in your heating system, using two benchmarks: single glazing (monolithic glass between 4 and 6 mm), and a standard 4-6-4 standard double glazing composition (colourless 4 mm glass + 6 mm air chamber. + colourless 4 mm glass).