Transparency or privacy.

Windows allow us to see and be seen. Sometimes, however, we may prefer to remain invisible.
PRIVA-LITE®, the “intelligent” glazing system, offers you this privacy in the blink of an eye, by means of a simple electric switch.
Thanks to its revolutionary technology, PRIVA-LITE® can be transparent, like normal glass, or milky white with the appearance of etched glass, creating an atmosphere of intimacy.
And it’s as easy as switching on a light.
The liquid crystals
SGG PRIVA-LITE® is a laminated glass consisting of two leaves of float glass, colourless or coloured, between which there is a film with liquid crystals. This film (LC) and the panes of glass are assembled with two interleafed PVB butyrals.
The polymer and the liquid crystals are dispersed in the LC film. The two faces of this film are coated in a transparent layer which is an electrical conductor. Each layer is in turn connected by means of a conductor filament to a flat electrical switch, located on one of the long sides of the glass, a few millimetres from the edge.
Just switch it on and it’s ready!
When there is no current passing through the PRIVA-LITE®, the liquid crystals in the LC film are unaligned and scatter the light in all directions.
In this state, the PRIVA-LITE® is translucent, with a milky-white and practically opaque appearance, giving all the privacy you need.
When the electrical field is activated (approx 100V AC) the liquid crystals are oriented and aligned, and PRIVA-LITE® becomes just like transparent glass. The glass goes from translucent to transparent almost instantly, and the process can be repeated as often as you want.
Special applications
  • Separations
  • Doors
  • Safety
  • Shop windows
  • Screens
  • ransport