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A window forms a medium of contact between the inside of the habitat and the variable environment outside. It is these complex relations between heat, light and the desire for comfort and privacy, that ScreenLine seeks to satisfy, with the development of Venetian blinds or perfectly pleated cloth integrated into the interior of the sealed chamber in the double glazing. This is combined with an easy-to use magnetic control system; two magnets, one inside the chamber and the other outside, directly control the movement of the blinds (except in the motorised model). Depending on the model, the blinds can be oriented, raised, lowered, or both at the same time, offering a full variety of solar control properties.

The advantage of having the blinds inside the sealed chamber is that they are kept perfectly clean and do not need to be cleaned.

This new concept in solar protection, enhances the basic features of a double glazing system (for example. light transmission, solar gain, V value, etc.) to form an integral part of the sealing of the chamber.