> Climalit + Planitherm
CLIMALIT with PLANITHERM “S” is a double glazing system whose outer component consists of a pane on which an invisible metal layer with a neutral appearance has been deposited. This gives the pane properties of solar control and low emissivity.
In summer, this composition allows effective sun control, reducing energy flows through the glass by up to 40%, a 30% improvement on the performance of the basic Climalit, whereas in winter, because of the low emissivity glass, it reinforces the heat insulation and can reduce the energy losses that occur in a monolithic pane by up to 70%, thus increasing the insulating power of a basic Climalit by 40%, while maintaining a high level of light transmission.

This type of glass is designed especially for glazing homes and residential buildings. It lets 67% of incidental light through and offers considerable savings in heating and cooling costs. This ensures a quick return on investment and contributes to reducing atmospheric emissions.