> Climalit with transoms
The transom, which is introduced into the interior of the completely sealed chamber of the double glazing is an appealing decorative feature, which gives the window the appearance of being divided into smaller panes, but with all the advantages of the panes actually being entire units, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier.
Because of the wide range of colours and finishes, the transom can be combined with any type of framework.

English transom

Transom in lacquered aluminium. The most commonly used is white with a crosstree pattern.
Also available in two colours, in wood, or in any tone of lacquer.
Straight lines, stylised, with a design suitable for any type of home.
This transom allows for a vast range of straight and radial shapes.

Italian transom

Transom in lacquered aluminium.
Gentle, rounded lines and joins with crosstree.
Available in gold lacquer and wood. Only allows for straight shapes.

Stained-glass window transom

Transom in lacquered aluminium.
Divided into two types depending on the join; cross-tree or arrow-head

Transom in a range of shapes

Different types and shapes of windows.