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The structural glass system uses a technique for securing the glazing by means of special silicons.

The aesthetic possibilities of the structural system are arousing great interest among architects. In traditional curtain walls, it is the outer face of the frame that receives the suction efforts caused by the wind and which prevent the glass from falling out.

In the structural system, on the other hand, it is the silicon seal that performs this function.

Advantages of the structural system

• Reduction of the thermal break. In structural facades, the effect of the thermal break is reduced, since the frame does not come into direct contact with the external environment.
• Reduction of the risk of heat breakage. In structural systems, the entire glass surface is exposed to the effects of solar radiation. The temperature is therefore more uniform and the risk of heat breakage in the outer glass is greatly reduced.
• Reduction in the acoustic break. Because the glass does not come into contact with the frame, the transmission of sound is reduced in the case of glass with acoustic insulation.
• Greater resistance to seismic activity, since a material with elastic properties is used for securing the glass.